ANTITHESIS: Who at The Gazette should I forward my resume to?

This is the first installment of “ANTITHESIS” — your outlet for speaking out against anything Zine, Western or MIT.
This edition is in response to “The Myth of Post-MIT Careers” from that controversial ‘homeless’ issue of the Zine.

ANTITHESISSo you don’t think that you’re going to get a job when you graduate with an MIT degree?  With an attitude like that, you definitely won’t.  Who knew that the saying “don’t let school stand in the way of your education” wasn’t just referring to every Thursday to Saturday night?  As important as your education is, what you learn outside of the classroom can tend to be just as valuable. We can all agree that MIT is seriously lacking the necessary hands-on skills to make it in certain areas of the industry. That being said, and to avoid the potential two years of College, it’s time to start thinking of other ways to fill the gap that’s left by the MIT curriculum.

Contrary to what The Gazette editor-in-chief made it seem like in “The Myth of Post-MIT Careers” from the October issue of the mitZine, volunteering at The Gazette is not the only way to build the hands-on skills that you’re missing out on in the classroom.  Just because you’re in a media-intensive program, doesn’t mean that you’re destined to work in journalism. Why not check out The Big Purple Couch? (Oh, because it’s funded by the USC? Get over it.) From post-production to promotions, BPC has a number of different opportunities that can give students the kick-start they need. But this article is not a shameless plug for BPC. It’s about realizing opportunities and taking advantage of resources.

Aside from campus-wide media opportunities, there are a number of events, clubs, and council positions that can give students the tools they need to get on with their life after university. From working on the Charity Ball Committee to joining a ratified club, you can gain experience in marketing and promotions, event branding, sponsorship, advertising (the list goes on and on). But media-related experience doesn’t stop at making videos and posters – it’s not like the only media jobs available are graphic designers and video content producers. The opportunities are out there; it’s just a matter of taking the time to figure out what’s the best fit for you.

Internships– the coveted summer experience.  Of course, working long hours for free isn’t as glamorous as it may have seemed at your mandatory internship information session, but they’re more valuable than you can imagine.  Working in this industry is about paying your dues and taking advantage of your connections. So if you don’t have any connections yet, it’s time to get that damn foot in the door. Working without pay is pretty shitty, but what you are going to learn in your 140+ hours of summer employment are the skills that will help you move onto the next level of your career.  Not all internships are about photocopying, getting coffee, and flirting with the mailroom lady. There are a lot of really cool internships out there that are waiting to be sought out by an eager undergrad. Even spending one summer on an internship already puts you ahead of the game. You’ll build contacts, you’ll gain relevant work experience, and if you do a damn good job, you may be employed for the next few summers. Spending your summer working at the mall may pay for your Smartphone data plan, but working an internship is going to give your resume the boost it needs to push you forward.

Get involved, take advantage of your resources, and never stop learning. Take the time to realize your options and decide what you’re going to enjoy working on and run with it.  Try and remember that your education doesn’t end when you leave campus each day. Heck, for some of us it doesn’t even start until that episode of Modern Family is done “buffering”.

One thought on “ANTITHESIS: Who at The Gazette should I forward my resume to?

  1. I’m an MIT student. I don’t like the Gazette, or journalism for that matter. I also don’t like homelessness. Is my future fu*%ed?

    Why not scare new MIT students with the original article? How else will the Gazette recruit volunteers? The original article and this response bring up a very good (and almost outstandingly obvious) point: get involved. If not for the sake of your own sanity come third year, than for the sake of separating yourself from other graduates while looking for jobs. Thanks Mike. I offer a virtual fist bump. For getting the REAL point behind the frankly ridiculous article and attached images of homelessness. The original article’s overdramatic presentation and underling narrow ideas of paths to success represents a journalistic style too familiar in this years Gazette publications. I wonder who wrote the article? Oh yeah, the editor of the Gazette. It all makes sense now.

    Come on Zine. I’m a fan, and publish the article (of course), but don’t make it the headliner for the month’s issue. Also, a special sarcastic thank you for the article’s images. Now when potential employers abroad Google search “MIT UWO Grads,” a big image of a homeless guy will pop up saying my degree is shit. That’s on you. But I’ll be fine, because I get involved, but not in journalism (especially not the Gazette).

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