Dexter is more violent than ever… and that’s fantastic.

DexterWhether it’s for excessive amounts of sexual content, swearing or violence, CBS’s Showtime television network has definitely been recognized for its controversial programming. Popular television series Dexter is perhaps the most talked-about in this regard (have you heard Debra’s mouth or seen Dexter work a knife?). The show’s notorious fifth season is certainly no exception.

For those viewers who haven’t been tuning in each week (fourth season spoiler alert!), last season’s finale was quite the blood bath — literally. Our favourite serial killer found his son, Harrison, sitting all alone in a pool of his mother’s blood. She had been murdered in the bathtub of their beautiful Miami home as the result of Dexter’s involvement with the “Trinity killer”. After a finale like that, it was no surprise that the premiere of the fifth season would bring in quite a few viewers — and it did: approximately 2 million tuned in giving Showtime its best premiere in over 15 years.

Throughout this season, we have witnessed everything from torture and extreme violence against women to incredibly graphic sexual content, mostly portraying wealthy businessmen in a very negative way. That being said, the last thing critics should be doing is preaching about how this horrific disruption in the media must stop; sometimes this kind of R-rated content is necessary to really understand certain themes.

It also makes for some worthwhile television to talk about!

Although it has been argued that some of the plot ideas in Dexter may be promoting bad behaviour, it would be foolish to say that crimes would not be committed if violence was no longer acceptable in television shows. It is easy enough to blame our society’s issues on the media of today, when what it really boils down to are much deeper issues.

Entertainment Weekly

Hall and Stiles get bloody

The main issue Dexter fans should be worried about is how easily he has allowed rape victim Lumen, played by Hollywood actress Julia Stiles, be such a huge part of his lifestyle. While Stiles’ performance has been incredible so far and the chemistry between Lumen and Michael C. Hall’s Dexter is completely believable, who isn’t curious as to why she is only going to be a “guest-star” on this series? Perhaps we’ll be hit with a little more controversy? Yes, please.

In comparison to previous seasons, we haven’t seen Dexter killing many guilty victims recently, so it would be fantastic if things started to pick up for the remainder of the season.

With only two more episodes to go, it is safe to say that this has definitely been one of the most intense, cliffhanger-heavy seasons to date. With Showtime purposely rotating their writers to keep fresh ideas in their episodes, it will be interesting to see how this brilliantly violent and captivating season turns out.

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