TRENDS: Top 10 of 2010 our kids will be embarrassed of

We are all guilty, myself included, of becoming swept-up in the trends of today’s fashion. Yet, just like we take pleasure in scouring old images of our parent’s ridiculous outfits from their youth and incessantly mocking them, it’s hard to imagine our own children taking any different approach. 

10. Jeggings

What happened when leggings and jeans got together in 2010? Jeggings: the hybrid with the look of denim and the skin-tight fit of leggings. With a name fit for a celebrity couple, jeggings are the singular trend to define 2010. Some jeggings are classier than others, which is really an oxymoron when “faux” pockets are a main feature. When your kids berate you for spending money on jeggings, you can always counter that even one of the most talked about figures of 2010, Conan O’Brien, sported them for his show. And we all know, you don’t mess with Coco.

9. Ed Hardy Clothing

Since the explosion of Jershey Shore, the stock of hair gel, Bumpits, pickles and Ed Hardy Clothing has surely risen. The brand works itself perfectly into the Situation’s GTL routine: you wear your Ed Hardy to the gym, take it off while getting your tan, and hopefully it gets destroyed in the wash. If that sounds a little harsh just think of the material your future children can come up with. Everyone is entitled to their own personal style but maybe the dragon tattoos should be left to Lisbeth Salander.

8. Crop Tops

What’s there to do when a shirt feels like all hope is lost, and its bottom seam will never be seen by eyes again? Crop it. A favourite of the 80s, a crop top is a shirt with stunted growth caused by overzealous scissors. Whether worn with jeans, shorts or the favourite, a high-waisted skirt, crop tops are a way to publicly display your time spent in the gym, time most likely spent doing crunches. Who knows, maybe this trend will reflect its shirt length and only be here for a short period. Or, maybe the crop top will capture 2011 as well.

7. High-Waisted Pants

The Urkel has come back in full-fashion. With high-waisted pants you can’t help but think its a little cruel that the patterns and material that went into the construction of the shirt is lost beneath the tight grip of the high waist band. In reality, our children looking back may be left to ponder if a genetic mutation spread its way through our generation, causing waists to shrink to mere inches. They’ll probably just be thankful they didn’t inherit it.

6. Unnecessary Fur

Davy Crockett wore it. Sarah Palin probably killed it. Fur: a hot debate that extends far beyond 2010.  With real fur, some hate it, and others hate those who hate it. It’s essentially an endless cycle that no amount of PETA demonstrations and red paint has cleared up. With faux fur, you get the fashion with a clear conscience. Either way, this year fur went to the extremes, smothering boots, vests and even underwear. If the real fur trend continues, let’s just hope the animals that the people of 2010 wore as accessories aren’t extinct by our children’s generation.

5. Butt Padding

The padding found in Victoria’s Secrets push up bras is no secret (and isn’t fooling anyone), yet one innovative use of foam in 2010 was butt padding. Whether undercover in underwear, or stitched right into the backside of jeans, padding surely holds the ability to give anyone that “booty pop”. So when our kids ask in disbelief, “people put padding, where?!”, just reassure them that for those padded-derriere-devotees, its pros must have outweighed its creepy cons. And, not to mention, they had a portable seat cushion.

4. Rompers

We wore them when we were toddlers and now we wear them in our twenties. Rompers: overalls’ cute cousin. The ultra-adorability of the romper may be lost on many but if babies are cute, and a romper is essentially a shirt and short acting as conjoined twins, then how come everyone doesn’t love them? Oh yeah, because it’s a shirt and shorts fused together, essentially the unitard of summer fashion. Your kids will roll their eyes at the thought, that is, until you get out the baby album and they realize you dressed them in a romper too.

3. Harem Pants

MC Hammer. Parachute. Harem. Yes, there are many different names for these pants that flare out at the hips in loose fabric and suck in at the ankles, yet Sean Combs is known by many names and it doesn’t make his music any better. While die-hard supporters of the harem pants will swear by their style potential, you can only imagine the looks of horror on our children’s faces when they are presented with an image of “Mom” circa 2010, while “Stop! Hammertime!” floods their thoughts.

2. Shoulder Pads

It can be a painful process to look back at our parents’ misguided outfits of the 80s and see the questionable use of scrunchies, permed hair that greedily drank up bottles of hairspray, and our mothers rocking power suits complete with That-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named (shoulder pads). Though they’ve been kicking around the fashion scene for the past few years, 2010 was their moment to shine. While in the 80s shoulder pads jutted out straight creating a hyper-masculine silhouette, in the 2010s they went out and up reaching new heights, as if in homage to 2009’s balloon boy.

1. Butt Toning Shoes

2010 continued the health conscious trend, which inevitably led to the invention of “butt toning shoes”. The design? Create a shoe that looks like a disco platform and a sneaker were forced against their will to co-exist. The idea? The platform in the shoe will throw your body off balance, forcing your muscles to work harder. The gist? They allow anyone to “shape up”, while expending as little amount of energy as possible. Safe to say, you should probably keep these for your kids to play around with; to them they’ll be “Moon Shoes 2.0”.

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