THE WEB: Top 10 Internet sensations of 2010

In 2010, the web offered up a slew of content, from the fascinating and revolutionary, to the annoying, hilarious, and just plain creepy. Some of it mattered, some of it didn’t. The Internet still managed to keep us clicking.

This list doesn’t even come close to covering it all, but we’ve narrowed down the music sensations, viral sensations, blogging sensations, and everything else on the web last year. Read our list after the jump, and sound off in the comments section telling us your favourite online obsessions of 2010.

10. PeopleWho

The brainchild of a “frustrated anthropologist,” PeopleWho tries its hardest to criticize the petty things people do.  Every post begins with the phrase “people who” followed by a habitual act. No context is given, just the statement: “People who feed their dog vegetarian food.”  It’s a simple Tumblr page, but it makes you think twice, thrice, about why people do the things they do. What’s Notable: This anonymous blogger is on a mean streak.  Its funny, but he is taunting you. Try saying “I hate” at the beginning of every post and you’ll realize the joke’s on you. – Anita Lee

9. The Onion

Watching the news has never been this entertaining. Combining news reporting, humour, and an extreme dose of satire, The Onion is not afraid to insult, mock, and caricature the hell out of a news story. Headlines like “Fashion Industry Pretends to Care About Plus Size” can make you care about issues in an entirely new light. While all of the stories on The Onion must be eaten with a massive grain of salt, it makes a point about what news should not be and how seriously should you take it. – Anita Lee

8. The Annoying Orange

Many of the stars on Youtube have a quirky sense of humour, and The Annoying Orange is no exception.  All of the videos contain, well, an orange that annoys everyone. By the end of the video, the character featured in his videos get killed (mostly other kinds of fruit getting sliced). I personally have some mixed feelings about The Annoying Orange. I’ll admit that his Super Mario and SAW videos were quite entertaining.  Also, there is a video where Lady Gaga is parodied as Lady Pasta that made me smile. However, like the many characters victimized by the Annoying Orange, I find him quite irritating at the same time. With his corny jokes and obnoxious laugh, it’s a wonder why nothing terrible ever happens to him. – Emily Stewart

7. WhenParentsText

The WhenParentsText post titled ‘21st Century Parenting’ says it best.

“MOM: I want a picture of u at her house. either outside w house showing or w her mom at home so i know ur there.”

Parents will be parents, even if they are equipped with the QWERTY keyboard. It’s funny when we get texts from our parents.  They are so not hip.  But, while it’s easy to laugh at forty-year-olds trying to wear the emoticon-patterned texting jacket, it shows us how ridiculous we are as we communicate with the same emoticons, x’s, o’s and numbers as syllables. – Anita Lee

6. Dubstep

Dubstep is an emerging subgenre of electronic music that has been evolving since it’s UK beginnings in 1998 (think jungle, or drum and bass). Its presence is becoming increasingly more noticeable in mainstream music culture, mainly because it is commonly mixed with pop songs (and to be honest, it makes the bad ones way more bearable). Dubstep’s defining characteristic, and the element that has allowed it to get so popular, is its deep, resonating bass. It seems as though every emerging dubstep artist is trying to get grimier and more aggressive than the last. So while it has been called everything from “psychedelic drugstep” to “lovestep”, it will be interesting to see the steps it takes in the future (pun fully intended). – Kaely Danahy


The Gossip Girl fascination still hasn’t lost its allure, kids. This time it’s escalated to a social networking site where anonymous flirting meets borderline-restraining-order territory. With an exclusive UWO section, Likealittle caters to the pov student’s appetite for a soul-searching/one-night stand/procrastination fix. In true Mustang fashion, the campus stereotypes are embraced: “At comp sci 1033 lecture: Female, Blonde. You are all beautiful. Every one of you in your own special way.” So whether in the stacks of Weldon or another memorable Monday at Jack’s, there’s lust and love to be found in London town. – Emily Fister

4. Tumblr

Despite its 24 hour crash on December 5th, Tumblr has blossomed into an extremely popular and praised website for a diverse array of people. 2010 has been the popular blogging platform’s best year yet with almost 12 million registered blogs and approximately 15,000 new users joining every day. Tumblr makes blogging incredibly simple, allowing users to make posts involving text, video, audio, pictures, etc. There are over 600 unique themes to choose from, and no advertisements to distract or annoy users. Twitter and Facebook may end up in the shadows shortly if Tumblr keeps up its game. Even Obama is using it! – Jesica Hurst

3. Antoine Dodson

The only reasons you won’t know who Antoine Dodson is are either you don’t watch a lot of Youtube  or you lived under a rock in 2010. He is the face of the famous “Bed Intruder” song in which we are all reminded to hide our kids, wives, and husbands. The song was even played during the O-Week Electric Jam dance.  A punk-rock version of the song was released, featuring Hayley Williams (Paramore), Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory), and Ethan Luck (Relient K).  Antoine Dodson originally did not sing that song though; it was autotuned and remixed from a news report in which he was interviewed about protecting his sister from a man who attacked her in her room. The video is recognized as humorous because of how he warns everyone, but the situation itself is no laughing matter. – Emily Stewart

2. Chatroulette

In 2010, Chatroulette allowed users to connect with someone on the other side of the world in face-to-face chat. However, Chatroulette has become more known for its “phallic imagery”. Now, people are taking advantage of Chatroulette’s vulnerability  – one man improvised songs to viewers while playing a piano, another went on the site while performing a concert so viewers were greeted by a mass audience, and another dressed up as Katy Perry and performed “Peacock” .  Chatroulette became a cultural phenomenon and opened doors for pranksters to seek vengeance on creepy users, changing the site from disturbing to funny. – Colleen Watson

1. WikiLeaks

Founded by an Australian journalist named Julian Assange, the controversial website WikiLeaks was all over the news in 2010. The website discloses text files, video and audio clips made confidential by governments worldwide. The goal of Assange and his team is to reveal information that’s kept from the public through the internet. Many governments have condemned WikiLeaks, declaring that the release of such fragile information constitutes a breach of national security. The other side of the argument emphasizes WikiLeaks’ role as a tool for democratic and governmental transparency. Assange, even after his recently arrest, vows to keep WikiLeaks running. There was no greater use of 21st century technology in 2010. – Steven Wright

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