BLUNDERS: Top 10 of 2010

We went with “blunders”, but this list might as well be called “2010’s biggest money-grabs” – more than half the items on this list consist of the favouring of money over art, quantity over quality. But that’s not to downplay the serious mistakes of the other items.

Check out our list of money-grabs and plain old fuck-ups, after the jump:

10. Lindsay Lohan loses movie

Lindsay Lohan reminds us why we love Tinseltown: you can make a career out of not having one. OR maybe not. This year alone, Lohan was overlooked for a role in The Other Side because she was considered not bankable enough anymore. She also lost her role in the film adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s A Woman of No Importance to her Mean Girls co-star Amanda Seyfriend. Most Recently, she lost her role as Linda Lovelace (pictured), in Inferno to Malin Ackerman due to the “impossibility” of insuring Lohan’s presence. It seems the only place where Miss Lohan will be a constant fixture is in court and rehab. – Anita Lee

9. Oscar names 10 Best Pics

For a ceremony awarding the best in quality filmmaking there was something off about the nominating of ten films in the Best Picture category for the first time since 1943. But when you look at the rating trends for the Academy Awards over the last few years, the picture gets a little clearer. And the advertisers’ paycheques a little bigger.

8. Deathly Hallow$

Potter buffs were giddy. As was every investment banker of the world. The announcement that Deathly Hallows was going to be released as a two-parter sounded like something from Kevin O’Leary’s dreams.

7. The Office after Carrell

When it was announced that Steve Carrell would be leaving The Office after its current season (the latest rumors claim he’ll leave before the season ends), it seemed the logical decision to end the show too – after all, he’s really the only character that hasn’t dissolved into an annoying version of their former self. But alas, more Dunder Mifflin will continue to sell paper every Thursday, sans Michael Scott. What possesses a show that jumped the shark two seasons ago to sign on for more without its key ingredient is beyond us. Actually, it probably went something like this: in some boardroom meeting Suit #1 said: “Bankable Star A is leaving. Suit #2, do you think Bankable Star B is a viable enough product to satisfy our pockets?”

6. Idol after Cowell

The only thing dumber than continuing a show after Steve Carrell leaves is continuing a show after Simon Cowell leaves. Regardless if you liked Simon or not, you have got to say that he was the best personality on American Idol. Some would argue that he was the reason, besides the embarrassing auditions, the show was good. I wasn’t a big fan of Simon at first, but he’s grown on me. Also, it is hilarious to watch his priceless facial expressions when he has to judge a terrible performance. You would think that they’d cancel the show altogether now that he’s gone. But sadly American Idol will still go on, with J-Lo and Aerosmith replacing him.  With the popular judge gone, the show will go downhill guaranteed.  Emily Stewart

5. Glee‘s Christma$ Album

“It’s about the music!” they would probably say, but nothing screamed hypocrisy in 2010 more than the Glee Christmas album. The show practically prides itself on diversity (is this show not about a bunch of misfits week-after-week trying to accept their misfitry?), and yet in December Glee released an album of traditional Christmas carols. Instead of a collection of general holiday tunes, or the occasional Jewish tune – oh, did I mention two of Glee’s main characters are Jewish?

4. 3-D Trend

As you prepare for the movie event of 2011 that will see Justin Bieber’s bangs jump out of the screen, let’s take a minute to mourn the loss of Story and Character. In 2010, they took a big hit. James Cameron might have set the 3-D bar a little too high with Avatar, because Step Up 3D and Piranha 3D don’t quite have the same effect. Some animated films in 2010 used the technology admirably (Toy Story 3, Tangled), but for the most part, good 3-D has been on a decline since we ran through Pandora with the Na’vi in 2009. Last year also saw the introduction of the 3-D television, the 3-D digital camera, and signs of the apocalypse.

3. Mosque protesters

Thankfully, the most embarrassing protest of the year happened South of the border. (Click here for the other one). If you visited the World Trade Center site in Manhattan’s financial district last summer you might have thought another war broke out with all the so-called patriotism flailing about. Hundreds of protesters took to the streets with signs featuring such slogans as “This is not your country”, “Mosques are monuments to terrorism”, and some really brilliant analogies like “Building a mosque at Ground Zero is like building a memorial to Hitler at Auschqitz”. Freedom of religion has  never looked like more of a crock.

2. UWO admin

Locally, there was no bigger blunder. When the UWO administration proposed changes that would “undermine academic freedom and job security”, not only did they embarrass our school and offend our professors, but we were left in the dark. UWOFA and the UWO administration disseminated contradictory information and their private negotiations were withheld from the real victims – students. We sat idly by as porta-potties were put in place and our professors cleared out their offices telling us things they couldn’t confirm. Then nothing happened.

1. Mother Nature

Depending on your opinion on climate change, this item might be more appropriately titled as “The Human Race”. Last year 295,000 people were killed in natural disasters, most notably the earthquake in Haiti, and floods in China and Pakistan. A death count that high hasn’t been seen since 1983, when famine stuck Ethiopia. Humanitarian efforts rushed into effect, and are still underway in many areas of the world hit hard in 2010. In that way this item does not serve as a blunder – humanitarian efforts are never futile no matter the loss. Is it humanity’s biggest irony that we might be the aid and the cause? No matter where you place the blame, 2010 was a devastating year.

What do you think were the biggest blunders of 2010?

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