NEWS: Top 10 moments of 2010

The heartwarming, the chill-inducing (and gag-inducing), the embarrassing, the thrilling, and the infuriating. Lots happened in 2010.

After the jump, check out our list of some of 2010’s most memorable moments.

10. Mustangs Win Yates and make it to Ceeps Saturday

When the Western Mustangs were victorious against the Ottawa Gee Gees in November to win the Yates Cup, the oldest football trophy still in competition in North America, school pride was in full force, albeit from afar. That distance was closed when the boys brought the trophy home to celebrate at a particularly rousing Ceeps Saturday.The team’s victory marked the 29th time Western had come out on top for football amongst Ontario universities, and although the ‘Stangs didn’t advance to the prestigious Vanier Cup, the night was one of those moments where school pride seemed to freeze the moment. – Jonathan Forani

9. Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

Despite some aboriginal opposition, lack of snow, and the Georgian luger that died before the opening ceremonies, Canada quickly began working on its “Own the Podium” strategy for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Soon, we not only became the first host country to lead the gold medal count in any single games, but also broke the record for the most gold medals at any one Olympics. Highlights include Canada’s first gold medal win of the games (pictured), the pairs ice dancing gold by London natives Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, and the men’s hockey win against the USA. Gold medal in Ear-Wormery goes to Nikki Yanofsky’s “I Believe.” – Sarah Koopmans

8. Real World Western: O-Week 2010

Ah, O-Week. It is truly a great way to kick off the first year of university. There were many memories, new friends, and fun events that will never be forgotten.  I mean, what other time of year are you going to have a mustache drawn on you for charity, play dodgeball aggressively, see Down With Webster in the rain, or participate in a culture jam all in the same week?  Many cool people came to Western for O-Week as well, such as Sue Johanson with her, ahem, educational speech on intimacy. Much Music VJ Liz Trinnear, a former MIT student, came back to talk to the frosh as well. MIT was treated on the Friday with a dance party with their very own John Roman. – Emily Stewart

7. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed in America

Canada isn’t always on top of its game when it comes to human rights (see #4), but one thing is for sure: we’re always a step ahead of the Americans. In December, three days before Christmas, the US finally got rid of their ludicrous policy that had seen more than 13,000 gay and lesbian soldiers discharged from the military since 1994. The above map shows the results of the vote that lead to Obama signing the repeal (blue = repeal), but it also shows the  uncertainty that many still face around the subject. – JF

6. Snow Does UWO

“Snow Squall” is the new fancy way of saying Snow Day in London! I personally have never heard of a massive snow storm being called squalls but it sure has a nice ring to it! Days before those stressful December exams, Western students get hit with a TRIPLE SNOW SQUALL! Within minutes, every single person’s status or pictures on BBM, Facebook, and Twitter had cars completely covered in snow, randoms being towed, creative forts that were built and even videos of snowboarding behind cars. Whether it got us some extra study time or extra party time, it will definitely be an unforgettable week! – Mary Chestak

5. G20 Toronto summit

Oh, Canada! A place where all are free to speak their mind, free to be who they are, free to love who they love, free to practice whatever religion they choose… It’s also a place where cop cars get lit on fire when world leaders come to visit. – JF

4. Ann Coulter in Canada

Not one of Canada’s best moments. And not because we let her in – because we were angry we let her in. Coulter is a provocateur, a self-proclaimed “polemicist”, and should not be considered as more than that or taken seriously as a political commentator. But that didn’t stop her from getting a warning letter from the provost of the University of Ottawa explaining our country’s hate speech laws. And it didn’t stop protesters at that university from preventing her appearance either. As a country that supports freedom of expression, the reaction to Coulter’s visit is disappointing. Coulter may be loud-mouthed and self-righteous, but she doesn’t scream and holler when people she doesn’t like speak in her country. The situation raised serious questions about what is considered “free speech” in Canada. – JF

3. BP Oil

In the span of three months, 205.8 million gallons of crude oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon explosion. The unit was drilling for BP (a moving oil and gas extracting company) when an explosion and fire happened, killing over ten workers and injuring several others. This has to be the biggest environmental fuck-up in all of 2010, and possibly in the history of environmentally hazardous accidents. The spill continues to be detrimental to both the tourist and fishing industries, and will continue to cause extensive damage to wildlife and marine habitats in the area. – Jesica Hurst

2. Chilean Miners

The only thing missing was the rousing score – John Williams, James Horner, something like that. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Chilean miners rose one-by-one from the bowels of the Earth. The moment was pure cinema. It was technology to the rescue. It was the power of the human spirit. It was the resilience of family. And it was a media circus. The only thing more fascinating than the rescue was its coverage. Live feeds. Mistress melodrama. Oakley shades. The question is: will you see Chilean Miners: The Movie when it hits theatres? – JF

1. The Almost-Strike

Assignments were rescheduled. Professors offices were cleared out. Porta-potties were in place. Porta-potties. Porta-potties. And still, no strike. When the long, extended drum roll of the UWOFA strike debacle ended, it stopped with a resounding thud. The drum roll of anticipation was so strong the drumsticks basically punctured the drumhead, but nothing came of it. OK, maybe it’s wrong to have wanted that strike – after all, our professors were being toyed with and our school’s reputation might have taken an ugly hit if there was a strike – but forgive me if I felt cheated and manipulated when Twitter told me the news in the wee hours of that dreary Wednesday morning. – JF

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