Should we be proud of Bieber?

When watching an award show, the average person may feel a sense of pride when a celebrity from their country comes out strong.

Without a doubt it can feel great to know someone successful is representing your country, or city, or whatever, but does this mean we are obligated to be proud of them solely because of where they were born?

Justin Bieber started out as an average kid from Stratford, Ontario, who had a dream of becoming a successful musician. However, I think we all know his dream has instead rapidly turned into an almost frightening market scheme.

Most “artists” today tend to turn their name into a brand so super-fans can become fascinated and indulged with their product, instead of their music. Since what we hear on popular radio stations is really a compiled set list of manufactured compositions with the sole purpose of making money from teenage girls, it might be fair to say the love for the craft is dying.

So once again I ask why we should be supportive of an “artist” who was born in a city close to our own if they cannot sing, play an instrument, or write their own music? If I am not mistaken, it seems more logical to find an artist or a band you connect with and support them because you enjoy their music, regardless of their address.

Before this comes across as an anti-Bieber post, I must admit that the kid can sing. He is one of few artists who actually have talent, and his voice is what has made him famous (alongside his dashing smile, charm with the ladies, and dare I say it — bangs). As a Canadian, however, I should not feel obligated to buy his CD or go see his new 3D movie because he lived 45 minutes from my hometown. What he has done with his career — or rather, what they have done with it — is silly and commercial, and he already has enough of the world’s support.

That said, when it comes to Canadian artists who have spent years honing their craft and are in the industry because of their talent and not their potential to become a product, I do feel our support is needed.

Amidst everything American, it is great to know our country can produce incredible artists like Arcade Fire, Tegan andSara, and Broken Social Scene, to name only a few of our truly talented musical offspring. These are artists who create music because they genuinely enjoy it, and would never produce a nail polish line to boost their career.

These artists who are not as successful as Bieber do not make nearly enough money as they deserve, and I think it is important to recognize they do need our help. By going to local shows, purchasing albums or voting for Canadian artists, you are supporting someone who will represent your country in a much more honest way.

I would not recommend putting very successful Canadians down, but rather thinking carefully about whom you should and shouldn’t support by basing it on their level of talent and the way their career is heading.

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