mitZine Awards: What You Said

mitZine Awards

The final issue of the year is on stands now!

Included in this issue:

The results for the first annual mitZine Awards

As part of our anonymous online survey for Instructor of the Year, we asked respondents to justify their votes. After the jump, see a selection of the reasons you gave for your instructor of the year picks:

Warren Steele

Upper Year Instructor of the Year Winner

“His dedication to his research is inspiring. When I think MIT, I think of professors like Warren Steele.”
“He does not use PowerPoint to do his teaching for him. Dr. Steele commands respect, but does so in an inspiring, quiet, understated manner.”
“He is an exceptional speaker, and extremely intelligent. I am never bored during one of his lectures. His classes are ones that truly make me feel like I have learned something important.”
“He is brilliant.”
“He is dreamy in that ‘I-know-everything’ kind of way. His lectures are just well thought out, and always interesting. He made talking about cars and how they effect us in our everyday lives interesting, funny, cool and dare I say… thrilling?”

John Reed

First Year Instructor of the Year Winner

“I know everyone says he’s the best prof bu— wait, he totally is the best prof. You hear rumors and people gushing about how wonderful John Reed is. It’s all true.”
“He makes everything interesting and uses technology in innovative ways to engage his class.”
“He makes every class exciting! You never know what’s around the corner with Reed, and you leave each class with a new perspective.”
“He’s such a funny guy and he always makes lectures so interesting. I love how he incorporates funny videos and activities for us in lecture that are relevant and engaging to our age group.”
“Because he’s the best. Enough said.”

Edward Comor

Upper Year Instructor of the Year Finalist

“Absolutely captivating. Did an incredible job of getting a powerful message across and making students think.”
“He’s amazing. Relevant, interesting and crazy intelligent. If you profile him, ask him if he’s married?”
“He’s perfection in a human.”

Michael Daubs

Upper Year Instructor of the Year Nominee

“One of the most straight-shooting professors in FIMS. You know to expect a high quality of teaching. He keeps things fun yet professional.”
“The man is funny! And knows how to captivate a class, all the while teaching about relevant and interesting concepts.”
“Made the content actually interesting. He is very funny and keeps your attention.”

Jonathan Burston

Upper Year Instructor of the Year Nominee

“Dr. Burston was engaging, and clearly very passionate about the topic. His enthusiasm for learning was infectious, and he made me look forward to going to class every week.”
“He really opened my eyes to the reality of media.”

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