Top Events of Summer 2011, Honourable Mentions: Arts & Entertainment

Our Arts & Entertainment editors give you the scoop, and an MIT twist, on the summer’s most important events that didn’t quite make the cut on our list in the MITZine frosh issue.

The 2011 MMVA’sMMVA's

The 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards received the highest ratings in the history of the annual awards show. Airing on MuchMusic in Canada and Fuse in the United States, millions tuned in to catch the Toronto street party. There were more A-list guests than ever this year  and, unlike previous years, some the biggest names on the bill, (Justin Bieber and Drake) were homegrown talent.

It’s a good time to be a part of the entertainment biz in Canada. With Canadian acts like Deadmau5 and The Weeknd achieving international success, negative associations with the term “CanCon” are disappearing. Judging by the showcase of talent at this years MMVA’s, it’s undeniable that Canadian musicians and actors are huge stars in the US. The Hill’s star Brody Jenner couldn’t help but snub MTV, the network he owes all his success to,  when he tweeted: “”At the MMVA’s having the best time.. What a fun award show.. Reminds me of the VMA’s before they went soft.. Sorry MTV but it’s true.” Ouch!

– Erika Fabian

Whistling FTW Foster the People
“Pumped Up Kicks”, “The Lazy Song”, “Moves Like Jagger” and “I Wanna Go”: You could call it the summer of the songbird or merely a musical coincidence, either way, Foster The People, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5 and Britney Spears (or her producers) all decided to whistle their way into hit song status.

Whistling hasn’t been this predominant in music since 2006, when Peter Bjorn and John’s single, “Young Folks”, became an iconic indie song the mainstream media couldn’t get enough of. Ironically, the whistling in that song was supposed to temporarily take the place of an instrument that wasn’t recorded yet (sorry saxophone).

Though whistling is a sensitive subject for some (some being those that can’t), pursing your lips together and whistling along to a song just seems right, and unlike the chipmunk-pitched voice trend that hip hop artists loved (I’m looking at you Akon), whistling won’t make you hate your childhood cartoons.

– Taylor Pearce

Pun In the Oven Beyonce
Beyoncé Knowles is known for being shy and staying tight-lipped about her personal life, but she’s also known for leading a dancing girl army in a yellow slit dress and five inch heels. Not to worry though, Beyoncé created her on-stage persona, Sasha Fierce, to take credit for her “divatude”.

So maybe it was Sasha who revealed her baby bump to the world at the MTV Video Music Awards. That’s right, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are having a baby. This little announcement generated 8,868 tweets a second, more than any other event ever has. So if the Twitter storm is any indication, prepare yourself for the impending press coverage and pun-laden headlines coming your way. Think “Babylicious”, “Jay-Z Junior” or, even “Destiny’s Child”.
Most ironic of all, Beyoncé was about to start filming, A Star is Born, but that’s been rescheduled because, um, another star has to be born first.

– Taylor Pearce

Ryan Dunn Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn, a cast member of MTV’s Jackass, tragically died on June 20 when he drove his Porsche off the highway into a cluster of trees. Just a couple of hours before the crash, Dunn had tweeted a picture of himself drinking beer in a West Chester, PA bar.  When news of the crash went public, both the media and Jackass fans were quick to assume Dunn was in an alcohol related incident thanks to his twitter page, which provided a play-by-play of his final hours.

For days after the daredevil’s death the internet crawled with rumours that the professional prankster faked his death as part of a Jackass stunt. In a time when reality TV personas are supposed to be perceived as semi-fictional characters, Ryan Dunn’s death played out in the public eye like an all too real episode of Jackass.

– Erika Fabian

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