Attend the Rogers Chair discussion, the future of FIMS is in your hands (TUESDAY, 12PM, NCB 295)


By: Jordan Coop

So, what is FIMS, anyway? And is it working?

You may have heard these questions recently, and some of you have likely brushed them off. After all, even if you were dissatisfied with the current state of FIMS, you don’t have a say in how it could change anyway, right? Wrong. If you are in FIMS and these questions do not interest you, they should. This is your chance to get involved in your education. 

In light of the recent Rogers Chair round-table discussion regarding the current state of FIMS, (see Is FIMS Working?), there will be another, similar round-table event held tomorrow, November 29, at noon in NCB 295. What is FIMS and is it Working? Part 2: The Student Edition will consist of a panel of FIMS students who will all speak briefly about their personal experiences with the program, in hopes of initiating discussion. After each panelist shares his or her perspective on the program, the floor will then be opened for comments and discussion from those in attendance.

Alison Hearn, the Rogers Chair of Studies in Journalism and New Information Technology, says, “The goal of this process is to elucidate where and how we might improve FIMS as a place to learn and do research and as an ‘interdisciplinary’ community of thinkers.” If anything was accomplished by the first round-table event, it was the realization that there is considerable uncertainty, even disagreement, amongst faculty members and students alike (see Blackmore’s comment) surrounding not only the current state of FIMS, but also the direction in which FIMS should head if it is to provide a more holistic and comprehensive education for its students.

Tomorrow’s student panel has been organized to continue this examination of the FIMS mandate, and further discuss its strengths and weaknesses where student experience is concerned. I strongly encourage students to come out to this event. Even if you are entirely satisfied with the current state of your education, this is your chance to hear other student perspectives and to immerse yourself in the FIMS community. The goal of tomorrow’s event is ultimately to improve your educational experience. Believe it or not, students have the power to change things. But if nothing is done, nothing will change.

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