2012 Head Sophs and O-Staff announced [live updates]

Western O-Week

[Updated: 12:53 pm]

Throughout the evening, the Head Sophs and O-staff for 2012 will be announced. Keep checking back for updates as we get them, and comment with your own information about the announcements. Congratulations to all of 2012’s Head Sophs and O-staff!


MIT: Genevieve LaCute

Science: Alexandra Meilutis

Social Science: Gagandeep Grewal

Engineering: Matt Brezina

Music: Meagan McKibbon

Health Science: TBA

Arts and Humanities: Alex Folkes


Residence Orientation Coordinator: Gloria Cheung

Delaware Hall: Kelly Slight

Perth Hall: Laura Di Gravio

Saugeen-Maitland Hall: Philip Golubovich

Alumni House: TBA

Elgin Hall: Vacant (opened for second round of applications)

Essex: Zachary Hawley

London Hall: Abbas Alibhai

Med-Syd Hall: Katie Poutney

Off Campus: Jarrett McCourt


Huron: Scott McGeown

King’s: Julian Franch

Brescia: TBA


Team USC: Stephanie Edwards

OCO: Andrew Scarffe

Charity: Adam Smith

O-staff: Alyssa Kelly, Samanta Krishnapillai, Rob McAllister, Rachel Hurdle, Zareen Syed, Ben Robitaille, Dan Sionov, Danae Perry

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