Vote in the USC Elections today!

Vote USCThe last few weeks have been packed full of surprises and tension. From Bieber to demerit points, this year’s USC Elections have been the most eventful in recent memory. It really does feel like we’ve seen it all at this point; the election results were invalidated in an unprecedented move on the part of the University and the USC due to the actions of the world’s most narcissistic hacker.

Spectacle aside, the democratic process at Western has moved forward unfettered and the elections have been re-held starting Wednesday and ending today. It’s easy to feel apathetic and a little burnt out after the craziness that has led up to this point, but the mitZine would like to encourage you to not be discouraged and go have your voice heard by voting once more.

If you haven’t voted yet, the polls are still open. Go to to have your say on important issues like ammendments to the student health plan, USC Senators-At-Large, the Board of Governors and, of course, the next President of the USC.


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