mitZine awards 2012: Your favourite courses

Selma Purac

FIMS courses run the gambit from covering the realities of global communication to the ever-popular Tales of Tinseltown, all offering valuable insights and learning experiences. You voted, FIMS, and here are your favourite courses.

The following courses were voted as the favourite of the year:

The big winner

MIT 2306: Exploring Consumerism – Selma Purac

Late capitalist society is often defined by its monstrous appetite. Indeed, our need to consume plays a central though ambiguous role in the construction of self and its others in contemporary culture. From Marx to The Donald, from Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (1978) to Palahniuk’s Fight Club (1996), this course will explore both the promises and perils inherent in consumption and examine how metaphors of consumption evoke the potent cultural anxieties of our post-Fordist age.

The runners-up

MIT 3215: Killer Culture: War and the Mediation of Reality in the 20th-21st Centuries – Tim Blackmore

MIT 3775: Forever Young: Fang-Ophilia in Contemporary Media Culture – Selma Purac

MIT 3402: Children, Advertising & Consumer Culture – Kyle Asquith

MIT 2406: Tales of Tinseltown – Selma Purac

MIT 3216: The Culture of Consumption – Edward Comor

MIT 2510: Race, Ethnicity, and Technology – Warren Steele

MIT 2350: Popular Music in Society – Matt Stahl

MIT 2211: Foundations of Global Communication – Edward Comor

MIT 3437: International Media and Social Change – Keith Tomasek

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