The October issue: Selling Out.


The rumours are true: the October issue is Selling Out. But you can get it for free on stands in NCB and the UCC now!

This issue, titled Selling Out: Your Education and the Bottom Line, digs into the commercialization of education, from Western’s recent re-branding campaign to the residence construction boom, and what it means for us.

Read more and check out the issue after the jump.

In this month’s feature article, Jas Irwin details the “Orwellian impasse” that has occurred between Ontario teachers and the Ontario provincial government, and explains why the new teacher’s contract was a “tyrannical and oppressive decision,” but that “evidence doesn’t seem to indicate any sort of fascist agenda in the McGuinty administration.”

FIMS Associate Professor Alison Hearn writes about branding and how it affects the institution of the university (that “special” shade of purple really just homogenizes and disempowers students).

Expect to find Kennedy Ryan’s article about the commodification of O-Week, Kelly Hobson’s examination of students in the media, Trish Carhanan’s story about the rise of new residences to meet surging enrollment numbers, Christine Tippett’s take on Shia LeBeouf’s new racy film project, Kevin Hurren’s case for Honey Boo Boo, Aaron Zaltzman’s warning about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Paul Craig’s critique of new Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois, Sarah Prince’s dirt on celebrities and Twitter, Emily Fister’s highlight of extra-curricular-ly creative FIMS students (the band Bootleg), Amir Eftakarpour’s glimpse into the problem of “Post-Truth politics” in US presidential campaigns, and more!

Plus, the name of the ‘Zine needs to change. Find out why and what you can do about it.

What are you waiting for?! Run, don’t walk, to NCB or UCC to get your copy. And hey–they’re free! Take some for your roommates, too.

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