It was a close call, but we have a Winner!

president_pearsonWhen covering the FIMS Presidential debate, I wrote that the two candidates were an interesting dichotomy – like light and dark. No one could have guessed how true that would end up being.

Of the 358 FIMS students who participated in the election this year, 177 voted for Matt Wright and 181 voted for Jordan Pearson. Four votes. That’s all that separated the two candidates from taking on the role of president in next year’s FIMS Student Council. It seems like voters were quite evenly split over what direction to take the faculty in. This is a relatively turbulent time for FIMS, with uncertainties over how we market ourselves to post-secondary students, disjointed course content, a new building, and numerous communication shortcomings.

With Pearson taking the reigns, we’re certainly in store for a year of exciting changes. Stay tuned for a future interview with our incoming president Jordan Pearson.

Pearson thanks supporters
Until Pearson gets the chance to share his thoughts, sound off in the comments section below. What do you hope to see from the FIMS Student Council next year? What parts of Wright’s platform do you think Pearson should implement? Are you still scraping your jaw off the floor over the close call?

The candidates have done enough talking. Your turn FIMS.

4 thoughts on “It was a close call, but we have a Winner!

  1. .Pearson’s platform was compelling, and while I’m cynical about the tuition battle, I hope he strives to tear Access Copyright down, help the TA union, and advocate for a better understanding of FIMS campus-wide. These issues are important. But there are few things I hope he doesn’t forget with his focus on administrative issues.

    1. The academic community Jordan Coop has helped foster. I feel we’ve been rebranded from ‘party-fun-MIT’ to ‘classy-smart FIMS’. Speakers series, debates, feedback- an inclusive academic community need to continue to develop, and I’m pretty confident it will.

    2. The creative/vocational community Wright was speaking to. The difference was four votes. Obviously Wright’s ideas concerns and hope for FIMS were legitimate.I hope Pearson tries the creative hub. The career day event should certainly expand- perhaps a graduate mentorship program that I think Whalen proposed would be cool. The internship program also needs more support. Susan Weeks in overloaded with students looking for placements.

    We are a diverse faculty, with academic and vocational interests/communities. I hope we develop both.

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