A Playlist for Spring

Tame Impala's LonerismLeah Lalich is a music blogger and co-host of Beige Alert on CHRW, which airs Tuesday mornings from 12 to 2 am.

It’s that time of year again: spring cleaning. I’d recommend starting with your iTunes. Here are a few must-have tracks to start off, from me to you:

Tame Impala Feels Like We Only Go Backwards  

Heavily influenced by 60s and 70s psychedelic rock, Tame Impala produces a feel good dream sequence melody through disorder. Borrowing elements from pop and rock, what emerges from the synthesized chaos is a unique sound. Between their carefree arrangements, a lot of their subject matter is about typical confessions of heartbreak. Lyrically they’re like a better sounding Australian One Direction. This is my favourite song off of their newest album, Lonerism.


Daughter, originally a solo project of Elena Tonra turned indie-folk trio (featuring Remi Aguilella and Igor Haefeli), hail from London England. Tonra specializes in calming teenage angst and making it pretty. She originally reminded me of Florence [and the Machine], but I feel there is something more simplistic and raw here. This track is off their EP Wild Youth, but they just released their first full-length album, If You Leave, last month (I recommend “Human,” “Lifeforms” and “Still”)

Imagine DragonsRadioactive

The indie-rock band seems to be experimenting with dub step influences, and I don’t hate it. With its soulful beat it’s doing something different on this track. They win at conjuring up some of the most explosive choruses. Their new wave approach makes their sounds strange and mesmerizing simultaneously.

Wild Belle Keep You

Wild Belle

Click image to hear “Keep You” by Wild Belle on SoundCloud

Wild Belle is an indie-pop project from Chicago. Think along the lines of Beach House if you need a sound reference. They’re a brother-sister duo, but there is no sibling rivalry – together they create island-esque rhythms, borrowing inspiration from soul and reggae to create a completely original take on the two genres that is all their own. The sharp vocals provide an edgy juxtaposition against easygoing and effortless vibes. The musical arrangements offer expressive arrays of instruments and sounds. Plus I’m a big fan of long-wave synths and female vocalists.

Happy listening.


Leah Lalich is a second year MPI student who two-times with the English program. She writes on thewildvibes.com and talks on CHRW’s Beige Alert about her spontaneous music obsessions. She once saw John Stamos on a plane and he thought she was pretty.

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    Here’s a playlist I did for Openwide, but don’t think I’ve forgotten about wildvibes! I’m taking a bit of a hiatus but I will be back soon with lots of good stuff.


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