EDITORS’ CHOICE: Top 10 Strangest Viral Videos of 2013

Ylvis "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)

We hate to state the obvious, but YouTube is filled with strange videos. Beneath the abundance of make-up tutorials and cat videos, there are some bizarre creations. Even music videos are taking a turn for the strange. 2013 brought us many videos that either made us laugh, think “what the heck am I watching?”, or both at the same time. Here’s just ten of those videos.

10. “How Animals Eat Their Food” (MisterEpicMann)

This could’ve been a boring and mundane video, featuring clips of animals just chewing. However, MisterEpicMann entertained us by acting out how animals eat. From cows to kangaroos, he continued to bash into the table for a good near minute and a half. The video was so popular, there was a sequel released. Kudos to him and Zach Rodgers for not cracking up until the end of the video. Seriously, how are you able to do that? – Emily Stewart

9. “Western University does the Harlem Shake” (Khang Ha)

If you haven’t been hibernating for almost a year, you’ll have heard of, seen and likely participated in some form of this phenomenon.“The Harlem Shake” videos hit the interwebs in early February and quickly became a campus pastime. YouTube experienced a tidal wave as students decked out in chicken suits, among other fascinating beasts, uploaded their own versions of the “con los terroristas”. Western was, of course, not immune to this spectacle. – Marwa Hassan

Note: The link is from OldHarlemShakeVids because the sound was taken off the original video.

8.  “After Ever After – DISNEY Parody” (Paint)

A video well deserving of viral status is YouTuber Jon Cozart’s (Paint) incredible a cappella of what he thinks happens to Disney Princesses – Ariel, Jasmine, Belle and Pocahontas – post “Happily Ever After”. If your FIMS professors have already pulverized Disney for you, (“Mickey Mouse Monopoly” ring a bell?),Cozart’s sweet vocals will at least add a less monotonous note to the unraveling of the Disney Dystopia. – Marwa Hassan

7.  “Hard Out Here’”  (Lily Allen)

Lily Allen’s known for her tongue-in-cheek and blunt lyrics. “Hard Out Here” begins with a clever introduction, featuring male surgeons saying typical comments said about women in the entertainment industry. It all goes downhill from the first chorus, however. The song, a satire of Three 6 Mafia’s  “Hard Out Here For a Pimp”, is about the challenges women face in the industry. There’s no denying that, but African-American women, let alone women in general, don’t to be sexually objectified in the video to prove it. Of course, the video received backlash for the depiction. Allen confirmed it was supposed to be satire, but refused to apologize. The humour still could’ve been done without the close-up shots of bums. The obvious use of autotune in the song could’ve been deleted as well. – Emily Stewart

6. “Ylvis-‘The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)’” (tvnorge)

“Dog goes woof, cat goes meow, bird goes tweet, and mouse goes squeak.” Sounds like the opening lines to a children’s book, doesn’t it? Those are the lyrics for Ylvis’ smash hit, asking “What Does The Fox Say?” The beat’s catchy, but the lyrics are just downright random They even ask how a horse and fox could interact. Who knew they would be in the same environment to begin with? In case you are wondering, yes, there’s a children’s book inspired by this song. – Emily Stewart 

5. “Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball” (Chatroulette Prank)” (SteveKardynal)

A couple of Chatroulette users were blessed enough to find an impeccably undressed Steve Kardynal gracing their screens one November day. His reenactment of Miley Cyrus’s ostentatious “Wrecking Ball” went viral within hours, and received over 90+ million views. One has not lived until presented with such a lithe display of…We’ll just let you fill in a noun or two for his skills. – Marwa Hassan

4. “Taylor Swift-Trouble-I Knew You Were a Goat” (John Sax)

Because T-Swizzle hasn’t already invaded every possible crack on our good earth, a generous YouTuber decided to upload her hit, “I Knew You Were Trouble”, featuring a farm animal with a stellar set of lungs. The pair’s duet instantly topped the YouTube charts, and even came to replace Swift’s own incessant songs. The livestock screams really do add suspense to her super-fresh and exceptionally innovative single, no? (Please, please, read that with sarcasm in mind.) We found this version of the video, with extra screams, too! – Marwa Hassan


Cookies and milk are a delicious snack loved by many. Rapper Chip Chocolate loves them so much, he made a song and dance about it. Believe it or not, he’s not dancing solo. YouTube star Jenna Marbles and a twerking Miley Cyrus impersonator joined him and many others to do the “Cookie Dance”. The fact this video has hit over 3 million (and counting) views is astounding. Yes, past dance crazes also had silly lyrics. Still, a song and dance about milk and cookies proves music nowadays can be written about anything. – Emily Stewart

2. “Lady Gaga -Machete Kills-Aura” (LadyGaGaVEVO)

Without Lady Gaga’s “Aura”, this video could’ve been a “Machete Kills” trailer. The song, however, is the changed name of her leaked controversial track “Burqa”. The lyrics, regardless of the song title, clearly objectify Muslim women and the burqa garment. If you read the Hypable article about the leak, the lyrics are the same as “Aura”.What’s especially strange about this video is the choice of song to promote the film. The uncomfortable lyrics don’t fit with the colourful and quick shots of the action flick. Plus, burqa is mentioned twice in the song, so not even the continuous film clips could disguise the controversy. – Emily Stewart

1. TIE – “How To Swing Like Miley Cyrus” and “How To Twerk like Miley Cyrus” (HowToBasic)

For fans of the disturbingly amusing, HowToBasic’s videos will surely satisfy your inner creep. Although he doesn’t say very much, the anonymous Aussie behind the videos shows us just how willing he is to smash his eggs! Because 2013 really is Miley’s year, we’re showing you two methods of how he pulls of her “Wregging Ball”. Twerk forth. – Marwa Hassan

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