Your new FIMSSC President is…

Steph Schoenhoff for FIMSSC President Poster

…Steph Schoenhoff! She took the crown with 213 votes. Kevin Chao received 135 votes.

While Schoenhoff hasn’t put anything on her campaign page on Facebook, Chao had this to say on his page.

A Facebook status about the election results on Kevin Chao's Facebook

It’s good to see Chao in good spirits, and wishing our new FIMSSC president the best after the results. However, he has a really good point about student apathy. 348 people voted for our faculty alone, but we have at least over 1000 students enrolled. Student apathy was an issue he addressed in his platform, and the results made it clear that it even applies to a faculty like FIMS. Either way, he made it clear that it’s not too late to get involved in student politics, which is true. Election season is only two weeks, but being a president for a faculty or campus lasts for a year.

Schonehoff’s focus was strengthening FIMS, and she had organized specific themes she wanted to address. There’s some great plans in store for next year, and I’d like to congratulate her and Chao for their accomplishments during the race.

Well, election season is officially over. How do you feel about the results? Sound off below.

**DISCLAIMER: The opinions reflected in this piece are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of OPENWIDE, the USC or the FIMSSC.

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