Best. Week. Ever.: An O-Week Retrospective

This article was originally published in OPENWIDE back in 2015, and was written by Rachel Kelly

I rolled up to the parking lot in my parents’ minivan. I couldn’t really see out the windows, but I could hear a lot of screaming and music. It would have been scary but I could hear the Avicii song and I was like, “No, these are my people!” Like I’ve never met them or anything, but I know, I can just feel, that all twenty-three thousand students are already family. So then I get out and I can’t really see anyone’s faces but I’m getting hugged, or maybe I was tackled? I met my soph, Fireball Prancer Bunny. I think he was a guy? He might live on my floor.

     Then we went to my room, and my roommate was there, her family was gone. My parents were being lame and hovering and she probably thinks I’m a total freak now. Whatever, she’s probably a bitch, because she made her parents leave so early. Of course I would get the bitchy roommate. But whatever, because we did floor ice-breakers and my floor is so funny and I know we are going to be just like family because we all go to Western so obviously we all have a ton in common. This girl down the hall, Stephanie, asked me to go to cheer tryouts with her. I said no but STILL how sweet is that? Oh wait no, her name was Norah I think. Stephanie was the other blonde one. Maybe?

    The next couple days were all these rallies. The sophs tried to teach us these cheers and dances, and I tried super hard to memorize them because I wanted to impress the sophs and not seem like a noob, but I didn’t want anyone to think I was trying super hard because who wants to be that kid? I don’t want all six thousand undergrads to think I’m that kid.

     Everyone kept fundraising for charity as well. I bought two t-shirts, and then some other girl also got me to buy these buttons that were super cute. Though I looked at them and realized they were all for some other faculty. But it totally doesn’t matter because they were for charity. I also saw people walking around with these adorable green baseball caps, I feel like I need to buy one. I already spent grandma’s graduation check on a new phone plan that a student volunteer talked me into. I mean, it seemed expensive, but they are advertising it here so obviously it is the better choice. Right? Anyway, we did this big fundraiser walk around the neighbourhoods, it was SO SWEET! I’m pretty sure it was some kind of bonding exercise, to make us realize what it will be like to wake up and go to class after full nights out. We raised so much money for the charity. What charity? I can’t remember the name.

    And so here I am, I survived O Week! I don’t really know where my classes are yet, or where the library is, but I know exactly where TD Stadium is. I haven’t even bought my textbooks yet, but my closet is full of terrific Western branded t-shirts. I can’t quite remember my roommate’s name right now, but I have so many other people to keep in touch with. I went dancing at Talbot every night and woke up every morning to glow sticks in my bed. I am so ready for this year.

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