How To Survive O-Week: For The Introvert In All Of Us

Get psyched for Canada’s biggest party! O-Week like the greatest event you’ll ever attend plus every birthday you’ll ever have, and all mashed into one totally alcohol-free weekend of complete responsibility that you’ll never regret!

I think there might be a thousand videos and articles floating around the universe that are all geared towards getting everyone hyped for O-Week at Western. But how do you deal with the biggest party ever when you don’t even know how to party? Or meet new people? Or function as a human being? If you’re like me, you may need a little help.

For that scared, crying little introvert inside us all, have I ever got some 100% doctor certified advice lined up for you. Don’t worry buddy. You’ll have more fun then you expect.

Follow These 5 Things (Hang In There, It Gets Better Champ)

1. First impressions don’t count

The bad thing about Western when you’re an introvert is that there are 30,000 people. However, the good thing about Western is that it’s physically impossible to make 30,000 bad impressions at once. Which ergo means that even if you mess up, it’s not going to ruin your life like it would at a smaller school. And likely whatever awkward mess you’ve gotten yourself into probably isn’t so bad.

2. Meaningful connections? LOL

Despite what everyone tells you, you aren’t going to be lifelong friends with people right away, and that’s totally cool. I met some pretty fun people during my first week at Western, but as soon as O-Week finished, I was overwhelmed by the realization that I didn’t actually know any of them. Could I call them and tell them that I desperately needed a slushie and a hug? Could I have a serious conversation with anyone about which track off Tswift’s 1989 best defined my life? No I definitely couldn’t have. Mostly because 1989 hadn’t been released yet.  But now I totally can.

3. Running away for a little is good

The whole O-Week ‘get-up-early, be-around-people-all-day’ thing doesn’t really fly with my personality. I’m pretty chill with waking up early, but I have a definitive quota of time that I can bear to spend around other humans. My poor friends know well enough when I’ve exceeded that capacity and I need to lock myself in a room and stare morosely out a window for 10 hours like a normal person. So there were a few times that I sort of escaped for a little, and went on aimless walks around campus like an endearing old grandfather who totters around public parks and talks to pigeons. Turned out to be a decent idea, and then I didn’t get so lost on the first day, so 10/10 would recommend.

4. Running away for awhile is bad

However, while a little alone time is good for the introverted soul, a lot of alone time is good for nobody. It’s pretty easy to lose yourself in a school like Western, and I 100% did in first year (not physically of course, due to aforementioned exploring). But at the end of a long day, it’s crazy easy to retreat back into your room and close the door and watch Netflix all night, especially if you have a single room like I did. And although it was easy, I would 10/10 NOT recommend this. Get out of that room, even if it’s scary or cold outside. If the first people you meet aren’t a home run, try again with another floor. Or a class. Or a club. You will find your people. And they will not be named Liz Lemon or Chandler Bing because they will be real live human beings who can give your advice and bring you snacks when you’re sick and send you videos of cats to watch.

5. Awkward people get dates too

Holla, people think awkward is cute.


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