CAISA Fashion Show: A History

-Samah Ali

18 years ago, a certain someone on the Canadian Asian International Student Association (CAISA) led and produced the first ever CAISA production. Earning its name as the largest student run fashion show in Ontario, CAISA Fashion Show (CFS) is known for its cutting edge production and elaborate performances. Carving a distinct space and name for itself, CFS is arguably the most influential fashion show Western has to offer, operating under 60 executive members and 60 models to make one unforgettable spectacle.

Starting off as the hallmark event within the identity group, CFS eventually grew to have its own executive branch with members in three sections: front house, back house, and design. Although the team may not fit under the same identity group that started it all, they still give homage to their history and shared beginnings. CFS also shows immense loyalty with their humanitarian efforts to the same organization for the past 18 years, the Children’s Health Foundation.

The fashion show works towards a $30,000 donation going towards a different designated branch of the foundation every year— this year’s being personalized medical research.

Their longtime contribution has earned themselves the CAISA room within the foundation and has also attracted other vendors and students to participate with their dedicated efforts and relationships.

CFS has also been known to boost student talent and local businesses. Collaborations with Western clubs like UWO Breakers and Hip Hop Western are often brought in to help out with choreography and models have booked shoots with local businesses. Local aerial artists and magicians have also been booked depending on the year’s theme as well as clothing from local entrepreneurs and student fashion designers are selected for scenes in the show.

With connections all over town through sponsorships and promotion, CFS values their relationships with London businesses and organizations and makes efforts to break out of the notorious Western bubble in their impact.

With this year’s sponsors being Social Science Student Council, Virgin Radio, and Lexus of London and partnering with Centennial Hall again, CFS looks to put on their 18th show called Paragon — set in a dystopian society where one rebel decides to lead a revolution. The show will take place on one night only, March 19th. It’s the accumulation of all the efforts from their 120-membered team and clocks should be set for the assured night of entertainment. Funding a branch of medicine that will pioneer the way kids live for the future, the show only looks to serve the Children’s Health Foundation justice for the 18th year in a row. It’ll be the event of the year, perfectly timed in the middle of March, and it’s definitely something to do on the Western Bucket list. If you’re going, get ready. If you’re not, change your mind. CAISA Fashion show is an experience you don’t want to miss and, considering the theme, you definitely want to be a part of this revolution.


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