FIMSSC Interviews

We did it, FIMS. We made it through another year of inappropriate office attire, hair flipping, final papers, and singing along to Sean Paul in a museum. As you go into another year here or leave this place to enter the Real World™, never forget that “we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream.”

Never stop never stopping.

Outgoing FIMSSC President


President – Krista Pereira

  1. What are your goals next year as FIMSSC President?
    I would like our team to create a student experience for FIMS students that is complementary to what they learn in class, while fostering a sense of community that challenges its constituents and gives them opportunities to grow outside of the classroom, and have *~FUN~*. Although there are some guidelines and limitations established by the FIMSSC’s constitution, I don’t want us to only operate  “by the book”. I want to push (within reason) beyond the goals outlined by our constitution, in order to not sell FIMS students or ourselves short.

    2. How do you plan to stay grounded as a leader?
    I think it all comes down to realizing that some of our goals might seem daunting, but FIMSSC as a team does have the capacity to achieve them. I can count on every single individual of our team, whether exec or general member, to do their job and to operate in the interest of our constituents. I think it is also important to remember that disagreements within our team open up the floor to productive dialogue and the presence of contrasting opinions is just proof that we are all bringing pieces of ourselves to the floor, and that each member has something different to offer, which is SO valuable.  

    3. What was FIMS to you as a first year student? …and what if FIMS to you now as an upper-year student?
    As a first year student FIMS was not at all what I expected. I came into my first lecture for MIT 1200 thinking I was going to be learning about advertising ,and marketing and media studies. Instead, it was Tim Blackmore talking about everything from “designer vaginas” to Blade Runner. Now as an upper year student, (at the risk of using classic FIMS buzzwords) FIMS is a faculty of passionate individuals, both teachers and students alike, that are teaching and learning to think critically about the world around them.  In my attempts to adequately explain the MIT program (and FIMS) to family members, of friends, or anyone born before 1990, I often say that MIT takes everything that we accept about the world we live in, and flip it on its head to look at it from a different, often unpopular, perspective. Sometimes I find myself leaving classes and feeling extremely unsettled, discouraged and worried that the world has already gone to shit, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Post-secondary education should be anything but passive, and I think that FIMS provides students with the education necessary to leave their undergrad knowing how to challenge the norms, and to be anything but subdued.

    What’s your favourite FIMS class?
    I really liked Warren Steele’s MIT 2500: The Meaning of Technology (classic). And I’m taking Amanda Grzyb’s MIT 3931: Century of Genocide, which is verrrryyyy cool.

    How can someone reach you?
    Add me on Facebook! Or by email:


VP Communications – Bridget Farrell

1. What are your goals for next year?

My main goal for next year is to address the separation between Council and FIMS students by expanding our avenues of communication and widening my role to not simply managing what is being said to students, but encouraging them to speak back to us. I would like to create more opportunities for students to have their voices heard by the FIMSSC so that we can better address their needs through the events and initiatives we offer. Hopefully, students will feel encouraged to engage in a dialogue surrounding what we may be doing well or not in order to serve them better and increase the level of interest and involvement that they feel in their home faculty.  

2. A lot of students feel disconnected from their student council, what are your thoughts on this? In your role, how would you approach this?

This is something that I feel strongly about, and was a large factor in deciding to run for VP Communications. In order for a student council to run effectively, it needs to first and foremost have a well-established and positive relationship with its constituents, something that could always be improved. We need to increase the level of feedback from our student body, and I will aim to widen the methods through which students can have their voices heard, provide suggestions and criticisms, and engage in discussion with council members.

3. What was FIMS to you as a first year? And what is FIMS to you now as an upper year student?

I applied to MIT with a “why not” mentality, and it’s the best last minute decision I have ever made. Lets put it like this: FIMS to me as a first year student was like learning how to drive. I was excited, but I had absolutely no idea what I was doing behind that wheel as I made jerky starts and stops in an empty Walmart parking lot. Nearing the end of my third year of undergrad, I’ve learned what most of these buttons do and at least know to always check my blind spot for unseen and fast-approaching deadlines, which is great because I accidentally merged onto the 401.

4. What’s your favourite FIMS class?

Selma Purac’s Consumer Society 2151 or the late MIT 1500.

5. How can someone reach you?

I can be reached at, through the MIT/MTP/MPI Facebook page, or through  


VP Academic – Marisa Cho

  1. What are your goals for next year?

    a) Make events oriented towards career goal setting, job searching, and job applying.
    b) Make a series of events to teach FIMS students digital media skills like photo editing and video production.
    c) Create a stronger relationship between FIMS students and their Faculty and Administration.
    d) Encourage controversial discussions within FIMS and beyond.

    2. A lot of students feel disconnected from their student council, what are your thoughts on this? In your role, how would you approach this?

    This is absolutely, and unfortunately, something I agree that many FIMS students feel. I would like students to have a better relationship with student council next year by ensuring that I shamelessly promote myself as the VP Academic to every FIMS student that I encounter. Social media is also a great outlet for advertising Council and all it does, however, nothing works quite as well as personal human interaction to help students feel more connected to the council that is supposed to represent them.

    3. What was FIMS to you as a first year student? …and what if FIMS to you now as an upper-year student?

    As a first year student, FIMS was this incredible exploration of topics and theories that were often unspoken about, as well as an infinite number of questions that never seemed to have answers.

    As an upper-year student, FIMS is still an exploration of the unknown, but I’m starting to like the fact that there are no clear answers.

    4. What’s your favourite FIMS class?
    My favourite theoretical FIMS class is the now extinct 1200 Media in Society with Tim Blackmore. Very cool readings, great sweaters, and a brilliant man.

    5. How can someone reach you?
    I prefer to be contacted by telegram, but I understand these days digital methods of communication are much more popular.


VP Events – Marie Scholz

  1.     What are your goals for next year?
    I want FIMS to team up with another faculty for at least one event. The joining of forces will bring people together to contribute to the same cause and hopefully get FIMS students to literally step out of their narrow boxes. In addition, I want FIMS to develop a strong presence through well-organized and exciting events attracting students from all faculties.

    2.     A lot of students feel disconnected from their student council, what are your thoughts on this? In your role, how would you approach this?
    It is always disheartening to hear that students feel disconnected from their councils. The problem is people get what they give, and a lot of students expect to be heard even when they are not actively reaching out. As VP Events I will be doing my best to bring council to the student body through social events but it is up to the individuals themselves to speak up during those times.

    3.     What was FIMS to you as a first year student? …and what if FIMS to you now as an upper-year student?
    In first year I thought FIMS was a program where I wrote more essays than all my friends and somehow was constantly dumbfounded by what I learned. Now I realize the FIMS equips students with the ability to think in isolation of the trends and the majority. Although it doesn’t teach you how to survive in an advertising firm it teaches you how to be smart and progressive about your ideas and the way you use them.

    4.     What’s your favourite FIMS class?
    3208 Women’s Television with Tiara Sukhan or 3902 Alternative Media with Atle Kjosen

    5.     How can someone reach you?
    Shoot me an email:
    Add me on Facebook: Marie Scholz
    Heck, you can even direct message me on insta if you want: @mariescholz

VP Finance – Elliot Kulach

1. What are your goals for next year?

There are an incredible number of financial resources available for students who seek them out; however, while the information might be out there, it is also incredibly overwhelming to filter through. I am hoping to create a curated resource booklet that will make sure that FIMS students—and the Western community at large—has the most key information all in one place (with helpful tips and tricks learned along the way)!

2. What’s the Undergraduate Student Fund (USF)? What are the possibilities of it for the average FIMS student?

A great question, because so many students aren’t quite sure what this pool of funding is for. The USF is a pool of funding each students contributes to (with a fee that is included in tuition). The funding pool goes towards subsidizing and making possible all of the student-run initiatives and events that are held on campus—for both the FIMS and broader Western community.

Where funding is often an obstacle for students who hope to run or spearhead new events on campus, the USF is a means of removing this barrier. Any student can submit an application for funding, and the events and initiative vary greatly: from the FIMS academic conference, to FIMS formal, to “Sticky Foreheads” and bingo in the Grad Club. If you have an idea that will positively contribute to the FIMS or Western community, make sure you submit an application!

3. What was FIMS to you as a first year student? …and what if FIMS to you now as an upper-year student?

I was a nervous first-year FIMS student. I was so set on succeeding—which in my mind, meant acing every assignment and final exam—that I forgot to the enjoy the entire learning process. I had to remind myself (as I continue to today) to take it slow and enjoy the discomfort that comes with learning. It might be hard or unsettling to feel like a fish out of water in a class or a faculty that you are passionate about and want to succeed in, but just remember to enjoy it! It might have taken me four years, but that’s what I see FIMS as now: a place to grow.

4. What’s your favourite FIMS class?

John Reed’s “Politics and Representations of Food”; if you have stopped thinking about where your food comes from (as I had), then you have to take this course.

5. How can someone reach you?

You can reach me however you so desire! Facebook (my last name is not my middle name—I’m not hiding, I promise), e-mail (—but please don’t spam me…), in class, at the gym. Wherever! My role as VP Finance might be to oversee council and faculty spending, but it is also to make sure that students are able to see their ideas come to fruition; with the USF, we can make that happen together!

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