Hot Spots in London

Whether you are coming from a big city, or have never visited London and don’t know where to go outside of your studies, check out our guide below! Despite London’s small town exterior, there are many hidden gems. Explore outside of the Western bubble and show off your new finds to all your friends!

For the Eclectic Film Buff

Hyland Cinema

240 Wharncliffe Rd S

If you want to escape from your typical Michael Bay blockbuster and explore more independent cinema, Hyland is the place. It takes a bit of travel time getting there, but the intimate theatre and retro atmosphere is worth it. Also, there are always some great film posters on sale at the front entrance.

Your New Favourite Study Spot

Black Walnut Café

134 Wortley Rd

A cozy and popular study spot, Black Walnut is well known for their delicious baked goods and homey atmosphere.Their homemade bread is a must! Come bring your friends here for a group study session. It definitely beats Weldon.

Unique Thrifting

Filthy Rebena

177 Dundas St

At Filthy Ribena, you will find everything you expect from a great vintage store, but also discover hidden treasures! From collectible buttons, an award-winning collection of jackets, and even old postcards, you won’t be disappointed at this cult favourite thrift store.

Our Editor, Erica’s Favourite Study Spot (so you know it’s good kids!)

Locomotive Espresso

408 Pall Mall Street

This coffee shop is the stuff of a hipster’s tumblr aesthetic, so you better prepare yourself to feel hella cool if you study here. A little removed from the busy Richmond Row, this coffee shop at 408 Pall Mall St. sells all kinds of fair-trade coffees, teas and homemade sandwiches. The food is a little on the pricey side, but if you eat beforehand, you can buy a pot of organic tea for $2 and sit yourself down by a full picture window for a 4 or 5 hour study marathon. Sometimes they turn the speakers off, and one of the baristas will sit down to play guitar for a few hours. It’s as near a perfect study spot as you can get.

Comic Collector’s Capital

Heroes Comics

186 Dundas St.

Whether you’re an experienced comic connoisseur or an aspiring enthusiast, Heroes is the place to start.  Carrying monthly books from major and indie publishers alike, all the trade paperbacks you can imagine and amazing deals on collections and back issues, every time I find myself in the store, it’s usually an hour long visit at least! Also, if you’re into collectibles and statues, Heroes boasts an enormous collection of pop-culture merch, rare and imported items, and hard-to-find posters for your dorm room that you will not be able to find at other poster sales! Be the envy for your geek friends and check out Heroes asap!

Best Brunch

The Bag Lady

474 Pall Mall St

This tiny little cafe is the perfect spot to grab some Sunday morning brunch. Not only is the food fantastic, but vintage decor lines the walls, giving the space an eclectic and homey environment. To boot, on weekends they serve all-day breakfast!

When Jenga Beats a Night at Prohibition

Cardboard Cafe

114 Dundas St

If you’re looking to get away from campus, sip coffee and play board games on a Friday night this is the spot. No judging, we all need nights away from Richmond-Row.

Fresher than the Grocery Checkout at the UCC

Covent Garden Market

130 King St

This farmer’s market  is awesome for all you hippie-veggie loving friends. But seriously, it’s great. They have food, candles, flowers, and much more.

Sushi Hangover


660 Oxford St W

Okay sushi lovers, at 168 AYCE (all you can eat) sushi is exceptional. You can order from iPads which is always fun too! Get ready to be full, happy, and come out twice your weight. Awesome study break or hungover lunch spot.

Second-Hand Beauties

Mesh Boutique on Richmond

204 John St

This consignment store is awesome. Selling all used clothes which are usually posted on their Facebook account for those of you who are too lazy to venture to Richmond-Row to see for yourself. Good deals, used clothing, and awesome customer service.

Yogies: A Great Place for Yoga in London.

Moksha Yoga

677 Richmond St #4

Need to namaste your way through finals, or just need a getaway from the bustling crowds on campus? Come here to relax and replenish your mind.

Memorabilia and All-Day Breakfast

The Early Bird Cafe

355 Talbot St

The only place you really need to know about for brunch. Fantastic food, great drink, and the friendliest staff around. For fun, ask one of the owners to tell you about the decorating choices. Everything in the space has a story.

Still Thinking About Getting Inked?

Red Door Tattoo

567 Richmond St

Reasonably priced, very good quality, clean tattoo parlour. The staff is a little gruff, and they will grumble about giving you a Pinterest-popular tattoo (looking at you script-on-the-ribs, tiny anchors, and infinity symbols), but they will do an impeccable job if you can put up with them giving their two-cents.

Need to Change Up Your Look For a Good Price?

Chatters Hair Salon

1703 Richmond St #117b

Chatters is the best place to get the haircut your mom really doesn’t want you to get. The salon specializes in crazy colours and half-shaven heads. The staff are friendly and services are well-priced!

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