Openwide Team Application Now Open!

WANTED: a dedicated team of critical and creative individuals to help continue the reach and impact of OPENWIDE. If you are interested in gaining some hands-on experience with the publication, consider applying to be part of the team!

You may apply for a maximum 3 of the following positions: Managing, Section Editors, Visuals and Social, Online

Email applications to by 11:59pm on April 2th. 

Interviews will be held from April 7th to 10th. You will be contacted with your interview time on April 5th. If you absolutely can’t manage these dates, let us know and we can work it out. If you have any further questions, feel free to email them to

Good luck!

The Positions

Managing Editor

A leadership role with the purpose of assisting the editor-in-chief to direct the vision and operations of OPENWIDE. Involves coordinating the editorial team, as well as staff writers and contributors.

Section Editors

Section editors must be impactful writers, have keen attention for detail and be able to work well in a team environment. They must be able to generate relevant, interesting content and be willing to meet with article writers in person. The following sections are available:

WORLD: Canadian and Global Politics, conflict, economics, journalism, and current affairs

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: arts, local culture, technology, and entertainment

WESTERN LIFE: university politics, student advocacy, FIMS, and local community

CREATIVE: poems, satires, comics, short stories, artwork

Visual Editors and Social

Graphics Editor(s): Responsible for handling the graphics content and layout for OPENWIDE in print. Will also work closely with the web editor to co-produce online graphical content. Mandatory experience in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Please provide a portfolio or a link to some of your work.

Photographer: Responsible for coordinating and shooting both the issue covers and images for inside the magazine. Access to your own equipment and prior experience is imperative. Please provide a portfolio or a link to some of your work.

Promotions team: Responsible for networking; coordinating OPENWIDE’s social media presence (along with the web editor), connecting with the FIMSSC street team, and linking OPENWIDE to the community. Will coordinate promotions/advertising, and play a prominent role with any OPENWIDE community-related events.


Web Editor: Producing the content for the OPENWIDE’s online section. Includes transferring print content to online form, as well as publishing/formatting online stories and advertisements. Will work with the graphics editor for online graphical content, and the marketing coordinator for the social media content. Must be familiar with WordPress.

Assistant web editor: Assisting the web editor with maintaining online content. Must be cooperative in a group setting.

The Application


Please provide the following:




Position(s) you are applying for

Preferred e-mail address and phone number

Availability on April 7th – 10th for an interview

*Must be in FIMS, due to the fact that Openwide is funded by the FIMS undergraduate student fund

PART II: WHAT ARE YOU ALL ABOUT? (Point form is fine)

  1. What prior experience/qualifications do you have that would help you excel in each position you have applied for?
  2. In your opinion, what is/should be the purpose of the OPENWIDE?
  3. Would you like to see OPENWIDEtake a new direction in the upcoming year? If yes, explain why, and if not, explain why you think the current structure is a strong one.

Editorial Staff and Managing Editor ONLY:

  1. In America, Jean Baudrillard states: “There is a science-fiction story in which a number of very rich people wake up one morning in their luxury villas in the mountains to find that they are encircled by a transparent and insuperable obstacle, a wall of glass that has appeared in the night. From the depths of their vitrified luxury, they can still just discern the outside world, the real universe from which they are cut off, which has suddenly become the ideal world. But it is too late. These rich people will die slowly in their aquarium like goldfish. Some of the university campuses here remind me of this.”

Contextualize this quote within the realms of Western, FIMS and OPENWIDE. What does this mean to you? (300 words or less)

  1. Edit the following paragraph (Hint: there are 5 errors):

Presedent Chakma and Dean Carmichel were walking to a Tim Hortons. They order two coffee’s and then found a table in front of the office they like to hang out at.

  1. Please attach a short sample of your written work. Avoid lengthy essays – concise is better. Written responses, articles, etc. are all acceptable. Applicants for the Online positions are encouraged (but not obligated) to attach a sample page from a personal web design project, or a screenshot from a personal website or blog.

Graphics Editor and Photographer ONLY:

Please provide a visual portfolio or a link to where we can view some of your work. A cohesive vision is integral to a smooth final product.


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