Mourning Western TV’s Post-merge Life


// Samiya Hassan

Today, we grieve the loss of Western TV.

What once was a growing media outlet for students, by students, tragically passed away last year after a long battle with mediocrity. Gone is its soul, leaving behind nothing but the name it bears.

For some, WTV was a place to discover love of reporting, editing, or producing. For others, it was a group on campus that felt like a family. WTV’s inclusive, explorative and pure spirit swelled through its short years, making its mark on the people who were lucky enough to be a part of its life. WTV was built on raising students up and and providing creatives the space to do what they wanted.

I’ll never forget the day I walked into my first meeting at WTV. There were thirty-something upper year students laughing around a big USC conference table. They welcomed new members to the WTV crew and made it clear that collectively our goal was to create content that did not have to answer to anyone.

The pillars of WTV: inclusion, creativity, and expression. Its ethos was visible through the content it supported. The loss of WTV is felt greatly by friends and content creators alike. It will always be remembered for covering a broad range of events, giving student musicians and school clubs alike a platform to showcase their message. Despite its low viewership, WTV never gave up on its passion for originality and ingenuity.

Battling monopolization in the final stages of its life, WTV struggled to stay independent. It kept its hopes high to maintain its identity as an outlet that could provide a stage for the many talented students on Western’s campus, regardless of the likelihood of it metastasizing.

The decision to join forces with the Gazette was a hail Mary, but alas, WTV succumbed to homogeneity and died. WTV took its last breaths pumping out cheap videos for viewership and personal gains, leaving behind a team of uncreative, view-hungry robots. Let us instead remember the times of the Minute Update and Backyard Music Sessions.  

Our newsfeeds may be flooded with clickbait videos showcasing yet another Drunk Interview Segment or the ‘FIMS show’ Mr. Conopoly has turned it into. I will not remember it like this. I will continue to hope for a day when the spotlight dims and WTV can share the stage with other creatives looking for a platform.

The legacy of the real WTV will always remain close to my heart. In this trying time, I take comfort in remembering the sense of integrity and inclusivity that Western TV once gave its audience. Let’s all remember what this channel used to stand for.


14 thoughts on “Mourning Western TV’s Post-merge Life

  1. I support the “Conopoly”… he and his team transformed Western TV into a creative, innovative and prestigious form of journalism that represents the whole student body in an artistic way

  2. I am a huge fan of Western TV. It is a great representation of UWO’s student culture, and it makes me proud to be a part of Western’s student body. Not only does the platform create quality content, but it also produces original content touching on many different aspects that interests the viewer demographic. They understand their target audience, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  3. This sounds like a personal issue?? I am very confused – do you volunteer with them? Maybe take that action and give advice and send them a message about content ideas if that is your concern, don’t write a fb rant and make it seem like an article?
    Bad taste in my mouth reading this. I’ve followed their channel for years and they’re producing great, fun, stuff with great reporters.

  4. This seems like a personal attack, ad hominem and it begs the question. Poorly written, poorly supported. I think Western TV has done a great job this past year branding and making videos that students WANT to see while still being informative. The videos look way more professional now than when I was in first year.

  5. Hasn’t WTV been around for a while? Isn’t the point to get better at your skills and improve editing, filming etc? You’re calling them out on being “too good? At videos? They are still fun and entertaining – and they do the same minute updates just call it news updates and do biggest story of the week!! Where did the writer get facts from, if there are any? Did they even check the YouTube page? the only difference I notice is the people reporting have changed – is that why they’re concerned? Because new people have joined? Concerning “journalism” here.

  6. Who is this girl?? This seems like a really rude attack on Western TV, for no reason. This should have never been published in my opinion. I can’t believe our faculty funds this. I am a grad student in FIMS and have followed WTV for a long time. It has been so much better these past two years in comparison to other years. They have seriously stepped up their game. Don’t let these petty people both you, Western TV.

  7. This piece is not a constructive review of Western TV and is a general attack on Western TV, specific students and its audience. Far too many things were implied, without any evidence to back them up and things that were directly critiqued are simply incorrect. A quick skim of the WTV YouTube page immediately disassembles the idea that all WTV produces is Drunk interview videos. This piece is an insult to Western TV’s audience. WTV is producing quality content that the student body is clearly finding interesting based on video views and engagement. I find this article to be baseless, biased and seemingly stems from a personal vendetta against WTV and “Mr. Conopoly”. One campus publication should not be exploiting the popularity of another just to garner traction as Openwide is doing with this fluff piece disguised as article.

  8. sounds like someone didn’t get the job and is just angry now – very professional Openwide. Truly disappointed. Can’t believe an editor would allow this type of cyber bullying and spread of hate over something with not even one fact or supporting example in it. Leave your personal biases at home and be OBJECTIVE!!!!
    Is WTV such a big deal it needs to even be talked about? Never really thought twice about it, just scroll through fun smiley reporters showing us campus – a huge reason I came to Western this year was watching it really showed me the campus and what to expect coming here.
    Do not want to read a personal vengeance like this on my newsfeed again, be an adult and grow up. Leave high school drama in high school, there is so much hate in this world. Be supportive. Help each other out. Give ideas. Share love, not hate, Openwide.

  9. Not to be rude, but Western TV sucked so much before Connor took control. This is some petty shit.

  10. I 100% support this Conopoly and actually know what WTV is compared to my first two years here. The branding of the videos and the content is funny and creative. This seems like a personal attack and extremely unprofessional.

  11. CHRW reached out to Connor – yes use his real name don’t be a child and make a bullying name for him, last year and asked him to not do backyard music sessions anymore. Why? So that CHRW could have the music side and that not be taken, like it was previously by other coordinators, under another outlet. Musicians are a way for CHRW to still have listeners, and “Con-poly” being a seasonable guy unlike you, agreed wanting BOTH outlets to thrive, and if that meant stepping off the radios territory that was only fair. You turned something that he did for the success of another Western media outlet into somehow villainous without knowing why.
    Your so called arguements are false “fake news”, and unsupported, and just seems like you lost the position to him to be frank. There are no quotes or people to support your claim – maybe asking him why before you made these false allegations would have made for a stronger and ACCURATE blog post, and you would have known this information. Clearly you did not want to do that, or you would have, and just instead turned a Blind eye and made a personal attack due to your insecurities. I have to say blog post, not anywhere close to sufficient to be an article. Get MTP back rolling, you guys are too bored.

  12. When this is written by someone who works with the Western Update the most pathetic excuse for a satire news site that is cringe worthy and makes fun of real issues on campus pretending to be funny when it’s the most frat boy thing ever that uses CLICKBAIT TO THE MAX!!!! and is yet calling someone else out on what?? Using a nice vidoe cover photos that all news stations including western tv from a million seasons ago use and claiming that’s clickbait?? Its easy to say inclusive when you were friends with the person who ran it. What about everyone else? This is totally framed and subjective and the fact she works with western Update editor in chief what was your problem letting her write this – such hate. Can’t get over it. Gonna be giving wtv more views now lol and I unliked Openwide.

  13. As a FIMS student, I can’t believe we pay a portion of money to get this magazine funded. This article is clearly an attack. How did this get published?? Openwide, come on. Shame on whoever wrote this and whoever allowed this to go up. This piece of writing is propaganda. End of story.

  14. Completely pointless article. If you have an issue with the content of WTV, a more respectful and constructive idea would be reaching out to “Conoploy” (which we all know you know, considering your previous affiliation with WTV, making this play on words utterly disrespectful), rather than spreading cyber hate on a forum that should be used to support one another. While you may not agree with everything out there, voicing your destructive opinions does no good to nobody. Ever. Especially in times like these, we need to focus on building each other up, not taking each other down, publically nevertheless. Consider removing this article Openwide, it doesn’t have any positive value

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