OPENWIDE 2018/19 Team Applications Now Open!

Want to be a part of the best publication on campus? Great! This is your chance!

Applications to join the 2018-2019 OPENWIDE team are due at 11:59 PM on April 8th, 2018 to

Please don’t be afraid to email me for further information on any position. I look forward to reading your applications and hearing your ideas!

Brienna French
Incoming Editor-In-Chief

Positions available:

Managing editor

-Plan and take notes during writer’s meetings, email pitches to prospective writers, create planning docs for issues and organize the pages and articles within it, and help organize the launch party

Section Editors (World, Arts and Entertainment, Western Life, and Creative)

-Create and present 4 pitches for your section at each writer’s meeting, edit content for your section, and fill your allocated pages every issue

Web Editor

-Proofread articles, monitor and maintain website, upload articles onto Issuu and website (experience using WordPress is mandatory)

Graphics (x2)

-Create layouts for the magazine (experience using Adobe InDesign is mandatory)

Promotions (x2)

-Help manage our social media, promote our writer’s meetings and events, and maintain communication with the editors

Basic Information:

What year are you entering?
Position(s) you are applying for**:
Preferred e-mail address and phone number:

*Must be in FIMS, as OPENWIDE is funded by the FIMS undergraduate student fund **Please rank a maximum of three positions

Tell me about yourself!! (Point form is fine)

  1. What prior experience/qualifications do you have that would help you excel in each position you have applied for?
  2. In your opinion, what is/should be the purpose of the OPENWIDE?
  3. Would you like to see OPENWIDE take a new direction in the upcoming year? If yes, explain why, and if not, explain why you think the current structure is a strong one.
  4. What is one way OPENWIDE could foster more student engagement?

For applicants to editor and managing editor positions:

Please provide a one page (double spaced) response to this article:

Edit the following paragraph (Hint: there are 5 errors):

Presedent Chakma and Dean Carmichel were walking to a Tim Hortons. They order two coffee’s and then found a table in front of the office they like to hang out at.

For applicants to graphics positions:

Please attach three samples of your graphic design work.

For applicants to web editor position:

Please attach a sample page from a personal web design project, or a screenshot from a personal website or blog.

For applicants to promo positions:

Please link a social media account you handle.

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