FIMS Presidential Debate 2014

The FIMS Presidential Debate was last Wednesday. OPENWIDE Editor-in-Chief Chris Ling  attended, and gives this thoughts on the event: Advertisements


USC Elections 2014-Presedential Debate

This past Tuesday night saw a lengthy presidential debate, the second on the USC campaign trail. Team Helfand and Team Belman duked it out over an arduous three-hour question period. OPENWIDE Editor-in-Chief Chris Ling was there.

Kevin Chao and Steph Schoenhoff's faces on Mount Rushmore

2014 FIMS Presidential Candidate Platforms

A little over a week of election seasons has passed, with two USC debates so far. The only FIMS Presidential Debate happens tonight. Kevin Chao and Steph Schoenhoff are running to be the next FIMSSC President. Before you attend the debate and decide who to vote for, why not have a look at their platforms?…


USC Elections 2014-VP Debate

Last Wednesday was the first debate of the 2014 USC Election season. VP Internal and External candidates from both platforms debated before Team Belman and Team Helfand faced off. Topics discussed included free tuition, Western’s Strategic Plan and student activism. Given last week’s silent protest against the Strategic Plan, and the demonstration held during O-Week,…

A man sits in a chair holding a gun, with a cigarette in his mouth

American Insight: Guns and the Landscape of University Life

The following is an article published in our November 2013 issue, “Western Inc.”, and was written by fifth-year Media, Information, and Technoculture student Kelly Hobson. The article is one of the highlights from our November issue.  Advertisements

The front of a prison

Canadian Inmates Continue Peaceful Protest Regarding Wage Decreases

Inmates in Canada’s prison systems are protesting across the country. They are protesting a 30% decrease in their already small wages. The prisoners are protesting peacefully, by simply refusing to work, to have their wages put back to what they were before – which is earning a maximum of $6.90 per day. Advertisements

Student protesters at O-Week 2013

O-Week to Activists: Your Presence is Not Welcome Here

On Tuesday evening, the night marking the official opening of Western’s Orientation Week, a small group of activists (myself included) was asked by Campus Police (CCPS) to leave campus while protesting the increasingly high cost of education and student debt. Organized under the banner of the Western Solidarity Network, our group sought to raise awareness…