Ylvis "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)

EDITORS’ CHOICE: Top 10 Strangest Viral Videos of 2013

We hate to state the obvious, but YouTube is filled with strange videos. Beneath the abundance of make-up tutorials and cat videos, there are some bizarre creations. Even music videos are taking a turn for the strange. 2013 brought us many videos that either made us laugh, think “what the heck am I watching?”, or…


A Bold Proposition for Preventing the Rights of Women From Being a Burden on Their Children or Country, and for Making Human Rights Accessible to the Publick

As a white male of comfortable pecuniary status, I feel it is my right—nay, my duty—to act as moral arbiter during these ethically dubious times. Throughout history, it is true, the wealthy, white male has always been at the forefront of social progress: it was the wealthy, white male who granted the vote to less…