Smartphone Film Festival Brings Alternative Media to Western’s Campus

Erica Wallis On any given day, the McKellar Theatre at Western’s UCC has films available for students to watch. Some of them are Hollywood blockbusters and recent hits while others are cult favourites, but all have these things in common: professional production companies, well-known actors, and Hollywood dollars. On February 4th, 2017, the McKellar theatre…

Peterson Gets Played

About half a decade ago, Jordan Peterson was a psychology professor at the University of Toronto and clinical psychologist with little international fame and even less infamy.

The bittersweet goodbye to MTP: An Open Letter

With over 50 emails back-and-forth with students, five students’ council meetings, two public statements, three meetings with administration, over 40 conversations with current students and five phone calls with notable alumni, this is me, admitting the reality; MTP cannot be saved.