Northern Development in the Age of Climate change

// Megan Harvey This summer I had the incredible opportunity to join a Students on Ice educational expedition in the Arctic as part of my role with Parks Canada’s Northern Engagement Team. I spent the whole summer preparing by learning as much as I could about the Canadian North’s history, Inuit culture, and the arctic…

Mourning Western TV’s Post-merge Life

// Samiya Hassan Today, we grieve the loss of Western TV. What once was a growing media outlet for students, by students, tragically passed away last year after a long battle with mediocrity. Gone is its soul, leaving behind nothing but the name it bears. For some, WTV was a place to discover love of…

Peterson Gets Played

About half a decade ago, Jordan Peterson was a psychology professor at the University of Toronto and clinical psychologist with little international fame and even less infamy.

Racist Algorithms

In America (and Canada), much of the criminal justice process has been privatized. This is a huge conflict of interest for what we call “justice”. People are making profiting from the mass incarceration of black bodies.