The Power of Pop

The following article was written by OPENWIDE Volume 14 Web Editor Emily Stewart for our January 2014 issue. It was featured along with Arts and Entertainment Editor Jenna Taylor’s article, found here. 

Two women dressed in white walk down after being married during the Mass Ceremony at the 56th Grammy Awards

Not Everyone Has Love for Macklemore

Why Macklemore’s Grammy performance left many people questioning the sentiment…and reasons it should not matter.  If it were a category, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis would have won “Most Hated Group Post Grammys”. Following the 56th annual awards show this past Sunday, many viewers are not only disagreeing with the hip hop duo’s takeover of the…

ENTERTAINMENT: Top 10 Collaborations of 2012

While 2012 may not have ensued in an earth-shattering zombie apocalypse, it sure proved to be a year ripe with radicalism, boundary-breaking creativity, and in this MIT-er’s eyes, a new type of collaboration. Going beyond the realm of popular music and David Guetta feat. everyone-ever-on-Top-40-radio, here is a comprised Top Ten list of duos, trios,…