EDITOR’S CHOICE: Top 10 #Hashtags of 2011

This past April, the late great Jack Layton described Stephen Harper’s crime policies as a “hashtag fail”. Many Canadians most likely responded, “what’s a hashtag?” Well, according to Twitter, the hashtag is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet, all indicated by the symbol #. Here are ten of 2011’s most hyped hashtags.

Top 10 World Events of 2011

By: Julian Uzielli and Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood 2011 was a lively year in politics. Between deaths, wars, revolutions and riots, the global political landscape over the past year was nothing if not captivating. Here are the mitZine’s picks for the top 10 political events that held our attention in 2011.

Administrators try to disrupt a teach-in about the Occupy movement

By: Toban Black Our “Teach-in on the occupy movement” event was held in the “University Community Centre” (UCC) atrium here in London, Ontario on November 22nd.  This teach-in was arranged by some campus students and employees who plan to continue to collaborate with one another. The day after our teach-in, the headline “UCC atrium gets…

No eviction for Occupy Best Buy

Last night, citizens from all over the United States took to the streets. They brought tents  and sleeping bags, and their message was clear: they weren’t going anywhere. These patriots camped out in front of Best Buy and other large chain stores, taking up entire sidewalks with their fearless demonstration. In light of the recent…