EDITOR’S CHOICE: Top 10 #Hashtags of 2011

This past April, the late great Jack Layton described Stephen Harper’s crime policies as a “hashtag fail”. Many Canadians most likely responded, “what’s a hashtag?” Well, according to Twitter, the hashtag is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet, all indicated by the symbol #. Here are ten of 2011’s most hyped hashtags.

The Raid on Zuccotti Park and the Attack on Journalistic Freedom

Last night at 1 a.m., NYPD officers dressed in riot gear moved in to Zuccotti park, the first and largest location for the Occupy movement, and evicted protestors. There were many causes for concern during last night’s raid, one of which was the use of a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) on protestors, as reported…