System Error poster for the FIMS undergraduate student conference, golden clouds with a dark blue sky as a background, with white text for "system error", golden text for "FIMS undergraduate student conference" and light blue text for "March 01, 2014"

In Case You Missed It: System Error

System Errors. These are the catastrophes and accidents that stem from, as explained by FIMSSC president Jordan Pearson and vice president academics Stephanie Schoenhoff, ubiquitous systems in our world such as capitalism. Pearson and Schoenhoff introduced the idea of these travesties as not accidental but consequences of something much more insidious at the beginning of…

mitZine awards 2012: Your favourite courses

FIMS courses run the gambit from covering the realities of global communication to the ever-popular Tales of Tinseltown, all offering valuable insights and learning experiences. You voted, FIMS, and here are your favourite courses. The following courses were voted as the favourite of the year: